Privacy Policy

Here at Sugu Toys, we have no morals. We'll sell your information for as much of that sweet, sweet 💸💰💵 as possible.

Just kidding! Had you there for a second, huh?

Sugu Toys is committed to protecting your information because good security is just as good for you as it is for us. Here is some information on how we protect your privacy.

Security Technology

Every page you visit on requires HTTPS (HTTP Secure), which uses high-grade encryption technology to protect your sensitive data as you send it to us. That also applies to data we send back to your computer like order history, for example.

The company that processes your credit card when you make a purchase, Stripe, also stores your credit card data. They're certified PCI-compliant to the most strict level possible, so they're the people we trust most to keep your card safe. We never actually see your credit card information, just a temporary token generated by Stripe that looks like this: tok_15rDy32eZvKYlo2C5ctWwpyb. We don't save this token, and even if we did, there's no way it can be used to steal your card.


Sorry, not the delicious kind. We use HTTP Cookies to identify users on our site. Basically, cookies are small bits of data that our server and your browser send back and forth with your page requests so we can keep track of who's doing what.

It's possible for you to disable cookies in your browser, but without them, you cannot login to our site, keep items in your cart, or checkout. You'll only be able to browse our products and pages.

Have no fear! We don't use cookies to track your behavior on other sites or anything creepy like that. We only use them to identify you as you visit pages throughout our site. Your cookies are protected by HTTPS, so no one can steal them as they travel from your computer to our server. They're also encrypted on your computer so no one can mess with their cookies and pretend to be you.

Your browser sends some text to us that looks like this: Set-Cookie: VytNUmJWWDVaVlgvYVA2K3JnQ3lVZXdGdVk2NkNXTUFyRThPaGtPQ1BSRXV3K1RiTTNxOEx5R0lsZE1UY1BMVjY4N1VCV3F1dG4zaDhlcEVXVmxhZEVjb3VRYk85Wmc2b0dWUEhYcTdXWDlTZkJ0MmpjVVhKYXVqTW9COUdFazhNaWYzMHUrcDJYMGROQkVnbTUyTWdPYmZPY2JNWlhYcnVMRFNiTmhEZkR3aE1YVktxVkFOMmpydkRCaUU1VDNyc1QyalJiTlo4WXlHTlJLUExCZVYyMWtZMEJpT1BLT0I1N1Jjenc1ZDdTM3ZOZ3R4aVJJYjI1Ym1tMlVaaHplMkpRbExkRWtuQjhnOWRZclF5ZWJnR3lYWEdoTFZpREJHNVJiN0R1bWQyVFE9LS1BZmZ6b2JkdmRzVGNkVzY4ejRocnNnPT0=--aff945b5badaead773374f6f3c2d3694f2d20aab We recieve it, decrypt it, then use the data to figure out who sent it.

Third Parties

We will never sell (or give away) your information. The only 3rd party that has a chance of getting your personal information is the police. We will cooperate with any police investigation provided they have a warrant and a good explanation of how a record of your toy purchases will solve a crime.

To prevent a police investigation and the inevitable reluctant turnover of your information, we strongly urge you to refrain from any of the following:

  • Stealing credit cards to buy our latest products
  • Murdering someone with a toy you purchased from us
  • Using a lubricant purchased from us to slide into a tight space you don't belong for the purpose of burglary
  • Modifying a toy such as the Hello Touch into a battery-powered shock glove
  • Using bondage equipment sold on to scale into a restricted building for the purpose of espionage.

CAN-SPAM Act & Email

While we do collect your email address at registration, we will only send marketing and promotional emails to those who opt-in. You can opt-in at signup, or by entering your email address in the form at the bottom of every page. In accordance with the CAN-SPAM act and us not being jerkfaces, you can opt-out of our mailing list at any time. The easiest way to do this is to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a marketing email.

Regardless of opting in or out, we will send you transactional emails in response to your actions on In most cases, these will be sales receipts and replies to requests for help.

Contacting Us

If you're concerned about any details on this page or have additional questions, you can contact us via email or snail mail.

Email us with privacy concerns


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